Rexer Analytics is a longtime partner of Brainspin. Their analytic experience has grown extensively over the years (if you don’t believe me, check out their client’s page). So when the President of Rexer Analytics reached out to us in need of branding their White Paper, I knew we had to come up with something to match the value they bring to the data science industry.

Our work with Rexer Analytics

This white paper reveals findings based off a survey taken by over a thousand analytic professionals including results of job satisfaction, data science deployment in the industry, the terminology of “Data Scientist”, and more.

Below are samples of some of the styling of graphs and charts included in the pdf, but if you want to view the full pdf in all its glory, you can download it here.

Geographic representation of survey respondents

Image showing all the countries of the world highlighted in different colors, with a bar scale on the left indicating the percentage makeup of each continent.

How analytics professionals describe themselves

Image showing a multicolored pie chart with the corresponding pieces and stats labeled and named.

Adoption of Text Mining

3 multicolored pie charts showing different stats for three consecutive years.

Types of Analysis using big data

Image showing a blue, multi-shaded, spiraling pie chart with its corresponding labels and values.


“I have hired Brainspin for several projects, and I confidently recommend Brainspin to other business owners. Over the past two years Brainspin has redesigned the Rexer Analytics website; created numerous white paper and document templates; provided graphic design, layout, and data graphic assistance; and enhanced our digital marketing. I have worked with several Brainspin teams, and each one is a pleasure to work with. Brainspin is extremely organized and their development process is very flexible. Their rapid prototyping is outstanding — it gives us a clear picture of the look and functionality of the final project, enabling us to make decisions early. This speeds overall development timelines and prevents the investment of time and money on unnecessary development. And to top it off, Brainspin’s customer-focused attitude is tremendous.”

– Karl Rexer PhD, President, Rexer Analytics