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At Brainspin, we believe marketing and software development go hand in hand. Without development, there would be no product, and without marketing, that product would likely go unnoticed by the right audience. When we develop a product, we develop it with the target audience in mind.

Software Development

Before development, we perform case studies to learn from user feedback. By doing this, we know where the market is since we’ve learned from previous user feedback and behavior on the product. This enables us to know where the market is so we’re always ahead of the game. During product development, we are always optimizing our software to give the best chance of ranking high in search engines. 

Digital Marketing

We offer marketing services for search engines and social platforms. Our marketing strategies help your website perform better in search engines and social platforms. When somebody searches on Google, their search is a keyword that we can target to get more visitors. We don’t just target keywords that will get you a lot of visitors, we look at which keywords will convert the most visitors with the least amount of competition to get the most value from your SEO.  On social platforms, we target and engage in conversations to help raise awareness about your product. We find the best times to post your content and discover content that is best received by your audience.